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News And Announcements


Oct. 21, 2016   Additional presentation slides have been uploaded
Oct. 4, 2016   Presentations slides are available for download
Sept. 9, 2016   The full program can be downloaded here.
August 11, 2016   Student Challenge deadline extension

We are happy to announce that the applications for the Student Challenge will remain open while slots are available. To encourage lively and insightful conversation we encourage all registered, or intending to register, students to grasp this opportunity to give their take on Green Communications. The Student Challenge offers Next-GWIN delegates a valuable opportunity to learn and discuss how students envision the future of this exciting field of research.

August 2, 2016    Registration deadline.
    The early bird registration deadline has been extended to August 31!
 July 29, 2016   The Next-GWIN green debate 2016: There’s no such thing as green communications (a trickster in disguise).

We are delighted to announce that Éamonn Ryan, Leader of the Green Party, will chair the debate proceedings. Speaking against the motion, on the Devil’s Advocate team, are Prof. Linda Doyle and Prof. Lajos Hanzo. Speaking for the motion, on the Green Evangelists team, are Prof. Sofie Pollin and Prof. Willie Donnelly. Audience contributions will be encouraged, live in person and through social media, throughout the debate by special-session volunteers.

July 15, 2016  

Gala Dinner (Monday evening).


We are delighted to announce that the Gala Dinner of Next-GWiN 2016 will take place in Johnnie Fox's Pub (https://www.jfp.ie/), one of Ireland’s oldest traditional pubs, in the Dublin mountains.

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